Institutional living

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Degree Introduction to health and social care (Block 4) Mind Map on Institutional living, created by Charlie_eeyore on 05/31/2013.

Created by Charlie_eeyore over 6 years ago
Managing transitions
Home as a place for care
Home hospital: different aspects of the care environment?
The Cold War
An Timpeallacht (Foclóir)
Sarah Egan
Social inclusion and the social model of disability
Person -centred care
Leaving home
Block 4 Key points
The hospital environment
Institutional living
1 Goffman
1.1 Batch living
1.2 Binary Management
1.3 Inmate role
1.4 Institutional perspective
2 Locked unit - Katherine Owen
2.1 Complex needs ward
2.1.1 Mental heath probles/challenging behaviour
2.2 Particpant observation
2.3 Batch living*
2.3.1 Not seen as individulas
2.3.2 Ruls permated every area of lives
2.3.3 Confirned to two rooms with no privacy
2.4 Binary Managment
2.4.1 Locked away
2.4.2 living lives behind doors
2.4.3 Only staff had keys to access all areas
2.5 Inmate role
2.5.1 Seen as dangerous, vulnerable, unpredicatble
2.5.2 Could not leave the ward unescorted
2.6 Institutional perspective
2.6.1 Some worked hard to please staff
2.6.2 came to discipline themselves
2.6.3 adpoted as a way of getting by
3 rules, routines, rhytms and order are need for the group to function
3.1 Take over - more important than those hi live/work there
4 founded on high-minded moral princplies
5 Designed to
5.1 Educate
5.2 care for
5.3 cure
5.4 make use of large number of people
5.4.1 poor
5.4.2 homeless
5.4.3 destitue
5.4.4 old people
5.4.5 orphans
5.4.6 physically disabled
5.4.7 learning disabilities
5.4.8 mentally ill
5.5 'reduce contamination'
6 depersonilised and dehumanised
7 specialist institions
8 Cedar court
8.1 batch living
8.1.1 homogenous group
8.1.2 little choice
8.1.3 little personal privacy
8.2 Binary managment
8.2.1 sub culture of bedroom staff
8.2.2 tough control
8.3 Inmate Role
8.3.1 thrust upon residents
8.3.2 staff talk about residents
8.3.3 discipline if step out of line
8.4 divison
8.4.1 bedroom world hidden unqulaifed staff lacks norms and values service pateints and speed Toughen up as no time foe emotional needs
8.4.2 lounge world Public view
9 negative effects
9.1 Loss of contact
9.2 enforced idleness
9.3 bossiness of medical staff
9.4 loss of friends, possessions/effects
9.5 drugs use of sedatives
9.6 Ward atmosphere
9.7 loss of propsects

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