Managing transitions

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Degree Introduction to health and social care (Block 4) Mind Map on Managing transitions, created by Charlie_eeyore on 05/29/2013.

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The hospital environment
Home as a place for care
Home hospital: different aspects of the care environment?
Philosophy & Ethics G581 Key Philosophers (OCR)
AS English language terminology revision
Caitlin Hadfield
Social inclusion and the social model of disability
Person -centred care
Leaving home
Block 4 Key points
Institutional living
Managing transitions
1 young people leaving care need particular support
1.1 care setting to independent living
2 study of 57 young people found that 42%
2.1 relocated in poor quality accommodation
2.2 rported feeling depressed, stressed, scared and unable to sleep
3 difficult to make new realtionships
4 Cathy
4.1 Phychiatric unit
4.1.1 impersonal
4.1.2 inhuman/clinical
4.1.3 unwelcoming environemnt workhouse ethos
4.1.4 Depressing and un cared-for place
5 Good patient experience
5.1 Clean, comfortable friendly place to be
5.2 safe, high quality co-oridnated care
6 mental health act commssion (2005)
6.1 common in inpatient units
6.1.1 environment shabby and ill kept
6.1.2 little person space
6.1.3 little piece and quiet
6.1.4 Overcrowding
6.1.5 Men and women housed together
6.1.6 drug abuse and illicit drug culture
6.1.7 people confined to the ward
7 poor quality setting rubs off and everyone
8 outside the labour market seen as a burden on society
8.1 at some point end up living in some sort of care setting
9 appearances matter
10 provisions 'Sepcial needs'
10.1 Seperate
10.2 Jan Thurlow
10.2.1 Claire downs syndrome
10.3 transistion into a catergory of family ad child
10.4 special places
11 Alice
11.1 sequences of transitions
11.2 well ordered
11.3 Enter text here

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