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Created by sabrinacarini over 6 years ago
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Run three notes
1 opening scence- Runs past the woman in the room talking on the phone.Lola runs past lady with the pram, flash forward (reverse shot shown) revealing someone going on a spiritual jourmey and finds god.
2 Lola's father's office- father having a conversation with mistress and interupted by mr Meyers request to come outside.
2.1 Split screen indicates the race between Lola and her father as she attempts to catch him before before he leaves the bank.
3 Manni leaves the telephone booth, attempts to return telephone to blind lady, idea suggests "blind luck"
4 Manni sees blind man and chases him, and narrowly avoids being hit by a car, suggests being at the right place at the right time and timing.
5 An extreme close up of Lola's profile reflects her thoughts as she begs for someone to help her, waiting for a sign.
6 the sign being the casino as the lady lets her in regardless of the way Lola is dresses, again suggests luck and the theme of fate or destiny change.
6.1 Lola wins first and second bet, again suggesting chance and luck intervening
6.2 Lola is dresses paro- military, very urban and utility with a rebel like edge. In a way that gives the audience the impression that her clothing is somewhat superherp like, and that her dress code is her costume.
6.3 Long shot of lola leaving the casino, frame shows the staff and patrons staring at her. Non diegetic music in the background is primmitive and raw, to show luck is out of the hands of the hands of mortals and everybody is in awe.
7 Close up of clock= time+journey not over yet
8 Manni pulls gun on homeless man, swaps the gun for mone, "blind luck blind faith."
8.1 Lola running alongside ambulance., which misses pane of glass. Lola jumps in the back where an officer is injured, and lola renews this mans health, could suggest Lola's acceptance of him being her father.
9 Ambulance stops an Lola gets out at an intersection, Stopping at the intersection could symbolise Lola's unsurity of where to go next it could also symbolise the many paths Lola can take.
10 motifs- clock/time, ruling motif.
10.1 All life's events rely on the "keeping" of time
10.2 Increased visuals of clock before the end of each run increases the tension
10.3 Glass- fragile/ easily shattered/ vulnerability
10.3.1 Lola able to shatter through the force of her nature/ vigour energy
10.3.2 Shattering the glass clock combines the two motifs (glass and time).
10.3.3 Red fire hair/ passion/danger heightened passion at the end of the first two runs, death in the red light hair colour is a sign of her powerful, aggressive powerful character. it can also be interpreted as red being the colour of love and romance, which she shows her love and devotion to Manni.
10.3.4 Running- Speed/motion start of film she runs right to left suggesting a run to her past ( to her father). Then leaving the bank changes direction (towards the future) Strong powerful run, her facial expressions suggest we will to save Manni

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