What were the Nazi methods of control?


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What were the Nazi methods of control?
  1. Nazi Propaganda was used to blame the Jews & communists for most of Germany's problems. The Nazis took over the media. They controlled radio broadcasts & also used films & posters to spread their messages.
    1. The Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda (founded in 1933) was led by Dr Joseph Goebbels. All forms of media had to register its work to get it approved. The Nazis organised huge rallies of party members to present an image of power & popularity. They also used the 1936 Berlin Olympics for international publicity.
      1. The Nazis censored books, newspapers & other material. Those who published anti-Nazi material risked execution. Censorship was used toencourage nationalism & anti-Semitism. (They praised German composer Wagner but banned Jewish composers.)
        1. The SS (Schutzstaffel) began as a body guard for Hitler. It expanded massively led by Himmler during the 30s, of members totally loyal to Hitler & were feared for their cruelty.
          1. After 1933 concentration camps spread across Germany, holding political prisoners & anybody else considered a threat to the Nazis. Some were later turned into death camps.
            1. Local wardens were employed to make sure Germans were loyal to the Nazis. People were encouraged to report disloyalty, which mostly led to an arrest by the Gestapo.
              1. Many Nazis were against Christianity, however they didn't want to risk an immediate attack on it. After Hitler tried to create a Reich Church, some church members split off in protest at this state of interference.
                1. Propaganda means spreading particular ideas & points of view to try & control how people think.
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