Vertigo (1958, Hitchcock)


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Vertigo (1958, Hitchcock)
  1. Characters
    1. John 'Scottie' Ferguson
        1. "EVERYMAN" character
          1. Relatable
            1. audience identifies with him
            2. Gains audience sympathy
              1. unfairness of the judge
                1. claims SCOTTIE "allowed them to die"
                  1. blames AGORAPHOBIA
            3. AGORAPHOBIC
              1. Weakness
                1. unusual male lead
                2. Blames himself for not saving MADELEINE the 2nd time round
                  1. UNAWARE of PLOY
                3. Madeleine/Judy
                  1. KIM NOVAK
                    1. NOT original casting choice
                    2. Idea of 'doubles'
                      1. Use of 'mirrors'
                        1. IRONY
                      2. Part of a ploy to accomplice murder
                        1. Hitchcock had specific visuals for the 'look' of both JUDY & MADELEINE
                          1. falls in love with SCOTTIE
                            1. as JUDY, goes with the ploy of turning into 'MADELEINE'
                              1. just wants to be loved
                          2. Gavin Elster
                            1. Acquaintance of Scottie from school
                              1. Knows of Scottie's weakness: Agoraphobia
                                1. uses it to his advantage
                              2. Employs JUDY to pretend to be MADELEINE
                                1. Dresses and rehearses JUDY
                                  1. the first half of the film is entirely staged by both ELSTER and JUDY (MADELEINE)
                                2. disappears once court is ended
                                3. Midge
                                  1. becomes voice of reason
                                    1. had previously broken off engagement with SCOTTIE
                                      1. evidently still 'in love' with him
                                        1. hospital visits
                                          1. tells doctor and audience that he is in love with MADELEINE
                                          2. looks after him
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