Lady Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth
1 Begining of the Play
1.1 Driving force of Macbeth's evil
1.2 Dominating
1.2.1 Unnatural For Shakespeare's audience at the time
1.3 Holds the upper hand over Macbeth
1.3.1 Pressure him
1.3.2 Forcefull
1.3.3 Shames Macbeth
1.4 Ruthless
2 Ambitious
2.1 Selfish
2.1.1 Power and Status
2.2 Craves power
2.3 'Thou wouldst be great thou art not without ambition' - LM
2.3.1 Drives your actions
2.3.2 Only ambition can make you great
2.3.3 Things done her way
2.4 Lust
3 Guilt
3.1 Regret
3.1.1 Madness Macbeth continues to sieze power and control Lady Macbeth - decends further into madness 'Out damned spot out I say' - LM Irony Before she ordered and all obeyed - Now she orders the spot out and it stays Reflects the murders that cannot be reverdsed 'A little water clears us of the deed' - LM Now she is trying to wash her hands Of the deeds and thee guilt Its not working
3.2 Concious
3.3 Contrast from start to end of play
4 Power
4.1 'Give me the daggers' - LM
4.1.1 She orders Macbeth
4.1.2 Macbeth comits murder Lady Macbeth still in control Makes the plan
4.1.3 An order
4.1.4 Expresses Macbeth's incapability She has to take care of matters Her husband is too weak
5 Masculinity
5.1 'Unsex me here' - LM
5.1.1 'Make thick my blood' - LM willing the spirits to change her emotionally - typically masculine opposed to unstable and naieve Does not want to feel Guilt and remorse Prepare her for her actions Harness her emotion and desire As masculinity To overpower More of a warrior
5.2 'Yet do I fear thy nature; It is too full o' th' milk of human kindness' - LM
5.2.1 not masculine enough
5.2.2 Fears Macbeth wont be able to carry out the deeds neccessary to gain the power foretold
5.3 'My keen knife see not the wound it makes' - LM
5.3.1 Don't let herself look back at deeds
5.3.2 'keen knife' shows she wants to comit the murder Not suffer from the emotion after
5.3.3 It is alsso said like an order Showing her control and power
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