Primary lines of Defence

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Primary lines of Defence
1 Skin
1.1 Impermeable to most pathogens
1.1.1 Some can penetrate Viruses that create warts
1.2 'Flora' of harmless bacteria
1.2.1 Live on healthy skin
1.3 Most pathogenic bacteria cannot survive in skin
1.3.1 Lactic + fatty acids secreted by sweat glands pH is too low for them
1.4 Damaged skin is an entrance for harmful bacteria
1.4.1 Underlying tissue
1.4.2 Blood clotting seals wounds quickly
2 Vagina
2.1 Bacterium keep pH low by secreting lactic acid
2.1.1 These bacteria can be killed by using antibiotics pH of vagina rises, allowing other microorganisms to multiply more
3 Eyes + Mouth
3.1 Bathed in fluids which have bactericidal action
3.1.1 Lysozyme Saliva + Tears Enzyme that destroys/damages many bacteria
4 Semen
4.1 Spermine
5 Breast milk
5.1 Lactoperoxidase
6 Stomach
6.1 Hydrochloric acid
6.1.1 Destroys/damages bacteria ingested in food
7 Mucus
7.1 Protects digestive and respiratory tracts from infection
7.1.1 Barrier Bacteria cannot make contact with epithelial cells lining walls of tubes
7.1.2 Traps bacteria and other particles
7.2 Produced by goblet cells
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