Sensory system

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Sensory system
1 senses
1.1 taste
1.2 touch
1.3 smell
1.4 sight
1.5 hearing
2 central nervous system
2.1 spinal cord
2.1.1 messages
2.1.2 to and from
2.1.3 brain stimulus react action surroundings
3 eye
3.1 cornea
3.1.1 lets light pass
3.2 iris
3.2.1 controls amount light let in
3.3 lens
3.3.1 focuses light on the retina
3.4 ciliary muscle
3.4.1 changes shape lens
3.4.2 contracts
3.4.3 relaxes
3.5 retina
3.5.1 absorbs light so we can see
3.5.2 optic nerve message to and from the brain
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