Sylvia Plath

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Sylvia Plath
1 "The Arrival of the Bee Box"
1.1 "I would say it was a coffin of a midget/ Or a square baby"
1.2 "The box is locked, it is dangerous"
1.3 "I have to live with it over night"
1.4 "It is dark, dark"
1.5 "Minute and shrunk for export/ black on black, angrily clambering
1.6 "There are no windows, so i can't see what is in there"
1.7 language is direct and powerful
1.8 Narrative structure gives us a experience
2 "Morning Song"
2.1 "We stand around blankly as walls"
2.2 "New statue/ in a drafty museum"
3 "Mirror"
3.1 "Silver and exact"
3.2 "Rewards me with tears"
3.3 "In me she has drowned a young girl"
3.4 "Terrible fish"
4 "Black Rook in Rainy Weather"
4.1 "A brief respite from fear of total neutrality"
4.2 "Dull, runious"
4.3 "i do not expect miracle"
4.4 "Angel may choose to flare/suddenly at my elbow"

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