Unit 9

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Unit 9
1 Working from home
1.1 Advantages: Saves cost of travelling, reduction of travelling is better for the environment, and the flexibility in working hours to suit someone's needs
1.2 Disadvantages: You need a good and reliable internet connection, you might be interrupted by a family member or friend or even your phone/TV
2 Online banking
2.1 Advantages: Banks save money by having fewer branches, Require username and password AND pin so that its difficult to hack
2.2 Disadvantages: Bank staff need paying- loss of money, Can be hacked, Not everyone has accsess to a phone/computer
3 Artificial Intelligence
3.1 This is a computer science hat is focused on creating computer systems that simulate human intelligence
3.2 E.G: Game playing, Expert systems, Robots
4 Virtual reality
4.1 Virtual reality is where computers are used to create an artificial environment that users can interact with as if it were real
4.2 Virtual reality is not meant for gaming purposes.
4.2.1 E.G: allowing architects to walk around a virtual version of their design, Training soldiers in combat (flight simulation/ battlefield simulation), training surgeons (Virual patients can be operated on to provide experience to trainee surgeons
5 Holographic Imaging
5.1 This is a technique where images are made to appear 3D and to look like they have depth. Holograms work by taking 2 normal 2d images and layering one on the other. The 2D images must be shot at different angles.
5.1.1 E.G: Sensors/Biosensors, Microscopy, Medical Uses, Art work etc
6 Quantum Cryptography
6.1 Quantam Cryptography is technology which allows messages and data to be sent with complete privacy. Quantam crypography encrypts the data using physics so that it is impossible to break unless you have the code. Messages are encrypted using photons, these are tiny packets of light.
7 3D Printing
7.1 Making 3D solid objects from a digital file
7.1.1 It is done by laying down successive layers of material until the desired object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object
8 Vision Enhancement
8.1 Ict can help people see better. The use of zoom facilities In software helps a lot and so does the ability to change the background colour, font size, font colour, font and styles. ICT can help peple see at night: E.G: Night vision goggles and car display screens
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