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1 cashflow is the movement of money in and out of a business
2 cash inflows
2.1 its main inflow of cash comes from customers who have bought its products
3 cash outflows
3.1 the biggest cash outflow is the wages paid to workers
4 financial management
4.1 deliberately changing monetary variables like cash flows to achieve financial objective such as improved cash flows
5 de-stocking
5.1 reducing the level of stocks in a business
6 trade credit
6.1 where a supplier gives a customer a period of time to pay for a bill for goods or services once they have been delivered
7 profit
7.1 occurs when the revenues of a business are greater than its costs
7.1.1 Profit= Revenue - Costs retained profit profit which is kept back in the business and used to pay for investment in the business
8 revenues
8.1 the amount of money received from selling goods or services
8.1.1 Revenue= number of products sold x Average price
8.2 total revenue
8.2.1 the revenue earned by a business from the sale of a given quantity of products.
9 break even point
9.1 the level of output where total revenues are equal to total costs
10 fixed costs are costs that don't depend on the amount produced
10.1 variable costs are costs that change directly with the number of products made
11 financing a business
11.1 how a business obtains money and other financial resources to start up, expand and if necessary pay off losses it has made
12 internal sources of finance are finance which is obtained within the business
12.1 External sources of finance are finance which is obtained outside the business. E.g Bank
13 Share capital is the monetary value of a business that belongs to the business owners
14 share
14.1 a part ownership in a business for example a shareholder owning a certain percentage of the business
15 overdraft
15.1 borrowing money from a bank by drawing more money than is actually in a current account
16 bonds
16.1 a longterm loan where typically interest is paid at regular intervals like a year and the loan is paid off at then of the life of the bond
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