Causes of the Cold War

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Causes of the Cold War
1 The Conferences
1.1 Yalta Conference (Feb '45)
1.1.1 Agreements Splitting of Germany Russia joining Japan War Germany to pay Consessions
1.1.2 Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin
1.2 Posdam Conference (July '45)
1.2.1 Agreements Money to be paid by Germany Details of Germany Split USSR Sphere of Influence
1.2.2 Disagreements Poland's Goverment Land Ownership Amount to be paid by Germany
1.2.3 Truman and Stalin
2 Berlin Blockade
2.1 USSR cut off Capitalist Berlin
2.2 All Land Communications Shut Down
2.3 USA and Britain send Supplies
2.4 Stalin forced to back down
2.4.1 Looks weak
2.4.2 Proves Marshall Plan
3 Truman Doctrine
3.1 Domino Theory
3.2 Stop the Spread of Communism
3.3 Containment
3.4 Applied to:
3.4.1 Vietnam
3.4.2 Cuba
4 Marshall Plan
4.1 Europe needed money to not turn Red
4.2 Congress Agree after Czech. turns
4.3 $17 Billion
4.4 Offered to USSR
4.4.1 Not Accepted
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