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Social and emotional development


University Psychology 144 (Chapter 4) Mind Map on Social and emotional development, created by Zeneatha Jònsson on 08/26/2014.
Zeneatha Jònsson
Mind Map by Zeneatha Jònsson, updated more than 1 year ago
Zeneatha Jònsson
Created by Zeneatha Jònsson almost 8 years ago

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Social and emotional development
  1. Temperament:
    1. an individual's characteristic manner of responding to the enviroment
      1. 3 types of temperaments:
        1. easy temprament
          1. difficult temperament
            1. slow-to-warm-up temperament
              1. Based on differences of child's....
                1. activity levels
                  1. approach withdrawn behavior
                    1. intensity of reactions
                      1. threshold of responsiveness
                        1. quality of mood
                          1. adaptablility
                            1. rythmicity
                              1. distractebility & attention span
                          2. Separation Anxiety:
                            1. an infants fear of being separated from it's primary caregiver
                              1. Peeks at 14-20 months
                                1. Stranger anxiety - an infant's fear of strangers
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