Child rearing & different parenting styles

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University Psychology 144 (Chapter 4) Mind Map on Child rearing & different parenting styles, created by Zeneatha Jònsson on 08/26/2014.

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Child rearing & different parenting styles
1 Parenting styles:
1.1 Autoritarian
1.1.1 the style op parenting where parents set absolute standards & show little warmth
1.1.2 Little communication between parent and child regarding rules
1.1.3 Parents rely on force & punishment to enforce standards
1.1.4 Children are not involved in family decision making
1.1.5 Children are withdrawn, unhappy and anxious
1.2 Authoritive
1.2.1 the style of parenting where parent are firm but warm and open
1.2.2 parents are warm & responsive to their children's needs
1.2.3 They set limits and explain the reasons for the limits to their children
1.2.4 Open communication between children and parents
1.2.5 encourage autonomy based on the child's level of maturity
1.2.6 children are involved in family decision making in an age appropriate manner
1.2.7 Children are self-reliant, self conroled & self competent
1.3 Permissive
1.3.1 the style of parenting where the parents are warm and allow their children an inappropriate amount of freedom
1.3.2 Few demands are made & rules are not enforced
1.3.3 allow children to make age inapropriate decisions and do not monitor children
1.3.4 Children are immature & impulsive
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