Medieval Japan

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Medieval Japan
1 Medieval Japan lasted from the 12th to the 19th
2 The Tokugawa Shogunate
2.1 Ruled Japan from 1603AD to 1868AD
2.2 It was also called the Edo period because Edo was the city which the shogunate ruled. The city of Ddo is known as Tokyo today.
2.3 This Period was the period which Japan became isolated from the outside world
2.4 Trade with foreigners was strictly limited and foreign ideas were not welcome.
2.5 There were limited diplomatic relationships with Korea,China and Russia.
3 Shinto
3.1 It's the oldest set of belifes in Japan
3.2 It has a really strong connection with Nature.
3.3 When people die they believed that they became part of Kami. Kami are sacred spirits that are part of all aspects of the natural world.
3.4 When Kublai Khen attempted invasion on Japan it helped build the janpanese's relationship with nature because they believed that nature brought the cyclone thta wipped out Kublai khan's boats.
4 Daimyo people
4.1 They were the lords of Japan
4.2 They controled the Samurai (the army)
4.3 Were loyal to the shogun.
4.4 They were very wealthy so they ate food like tempura and miso soup.
5 Confucianism
5.1 Was not a religion but a code of behavoir.
5.2 It was named after Confucius
5.3 It taught people to to be obedient, respectful, and have good maners.
6 Trade
6.1 Foreign ideas were strictly forbidden in Japan
6.2 Trade was strictly limited with foreigners
6.3 There were limited diplomatic relations with Russia, China and Korea.
7 Important Dates
7.1 700ce - development of written language
7.2 1603ce - Japan becomes isolates from the outside world
7.3 1603ce to 1867ce - Tokugawa shogunate
7.4 1853ce - Mathew Perry arrive in Japan
8 Jomon People
8.1 Were the first indigenous people in Japan.
8.2 They did not have a written language.
8.3 We know they excisted by carvings with
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