Business Continuity, Backup & DR

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Business Continuity, Backup & DR
1 Business Continuity
1.1 DR Services
1.1.1 New clients & targeted existing clients Email camp, website, events & tele camp DATTO Siris Onsite & VM, Online Stg & Online VM
1.1.2 Existing clients without DR & new clients Existing Tape Drive and DR software upgrades Email camp, website, events Data Backup (StorageCraft) Onsite DR services Onsite + VM Onsite & Online Storage Onsite & VM, Online Stg & Online VM Onsite DR to EX HDD
1.2 Business Continuity Planning
1.2.1 Continuity Planning Doc Restore Time Objective (RTO) Restore Point Objective (RPO)
2 MSP Support Contracts
2.1 Discovery On Premise
2.2 Nimrod On Premise
2.3 Discovery (Cloud)
2.4 Endurance On Premise
2.5 Extended Hardware Warranties
2.6 Email camp, website & tele camp
3.1 Existing clients & new clients
3.1.1 Email camp, website, events & Tele camp Server 2012 SharePoint Exchange SQL
4 Email camp, website, events & Tele camp
4.1 Existing clients & new clients
4.1.1 Cloud Hosted Solutions Hosted Exchange MessageStream MS Hosted Exchange Office 365 Mid Size Business BitDefener VGE SPAM
5 Email camp, website, events & tete camp
5.1 Existing clients & new clients
5.1.1 Security services Malware Anti-Virus BitDefender SPAM VGE SPAM Firewall SonicWall Managed Switches

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