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Sarah Albrecht
Created by Sarah Albrecht over 6 years ago
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Gordon Allport
1 Trait theorist
1.1 Began developing his theory by going through a dictionary and noting every term he found that described a personality trait
1.1.1 After compiling several different traits, he organised them into three different catagories 1) Cardinal traits, 2) Central traits, 3) Secondary traits Cardinal traits - A trait that dominates an individual's entire personallity. Cardinal traits are thought to be quite rare) Central traits - Common traits that make up our personality. Traits such as kindness, honesty and friendliness Secondary traits - Traits that are only present under certain conditions/situations. Example: Getting nervous before a speech.
1.2 After meeting Feud, Allport wrote that psychologists should give full recognition to clear motives before looking into the unconscious
2 Believed that every person has a small number of specific traits that predominate his or hers personality

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