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Abby Whitmore
Created by Abby Whitmore over 6 years ago
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religious studies religion and human relationships vocab
1 Bridges
1.1 Bridge Over Troubled Water: Helping somebody to get over their troubles
1.2 Someone might say that their religion is a bridge to god
1.3 The word bridge is used as a way of getting over things e.g. relationships, feeling
1.4 A person finds it hard to cross without a bridge
1.5 Corrymeela bridge was like a symbolic bridge. A bridge connecting the two faiths.
1.6 The Mostar Bridge
2 Religions and Environment
2.1 Islam: Allah created everything and therefore is sacred
2.2 Hinduism: God is in everything and everyone so everything is sacred and should be treated with respect
2.3 Christianity: God left us with responsibility of looking after our environment. Mankind rule over everything.
2.4 Buddhism: To harm another living thing is the same as harming ones self as we are all one
2.5 Judaism: People make their own decisions on how they care for the environment
2.6 Sikhism: The environment can only be preserved if the balance created by god is maintained
3 Love and Forgiveness
3.1 Good Samaritan
3.2 'I would be nothing unless I loved others'
3.3 Love isn't selfish or quick tempered
3.4 Love never fails
3.5 Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful and trusting
3.6 Forgiveness-To ease feeling angry or resentful towards a person or
3.7 We find some things harder to forgive than others
3.8 Hate the sin, love the sinner

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