Technical SEO Objectives

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Technical SEO Objectives
1 HR
1.1 Launch Expectations document
1.1.1 Create PDPs
1.1.2 Align salary bands with expectation levels Are salary bands right?
1.2 Team Motivation
1.3 Review process, can it be improved?
1.4 Technical Executive Development Programme
1.4.1 Provide training to ensure execs meet expectations
1.5 Change Team Perception - Experts/Go to people
1.6 Incentives/Empowerment
2 Training
2.1 Induction plan for new starters
2.2 Technical SEO training bible
2.2.1 Update all training material
2.2.2 Multilingual Training
2.3 Qualifications
2.4 Conferences
3 Strategies
3.1 All TEs have aims and objectives
3.2 TEs actively involved in strategy creation
3.3 Better reporting/interpretion of data
4 Sales
4.1 SEO forecasting
4.2 Sales Pitch Timeframes/Rehersals
4.3 Capacity updates (Health checks/Audits)
5 Capacity
5.1 Increase contracted technical SEO time
5.1.1 Complete perfect implementation plan
5.2 Universal Capacity/Forecasting report
5.3 Sticking to allocated time
6 Tools
6.1 Brightedge Clean Up
6.2 GA Training
6.3 Disavow Process
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