A Local Ecosystem

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A Local Ecosystem
  1. Factors of an ecosystem
    1. Abiotic factors (living)
      1. Biotic factors (non-living)
      2. Distribution and Abundance
        1. Transect studies
          1. Line cutting through area wanting to be studied
          2. Quadrats
            1. Capture-re-capture
            2. Roles and relationships
              1. Predator + Prey
                1. Predator eats prey
                2. Parasite + host
                  1. Parasite feeds of host with limited harm
                  2. Commensalism
                    1. One organism benefits while the other is neither harmed or helped
                    2. Mutualism (symbiotic)
                      1. Both species benefit
                      2. Allelopathy
                        1. (plants and fungi) One directly inhibits growth + development by releasing toxins
                        2. Competition
                          1. 2 different species competing for the same resources in the same way
                        3. Adaptions to the environment
                          1. Structural
                            1. changing body structure or characteristic to suit environment
                            2. Physiological
                              1. altering/changing the way the body works or functions to suit their environment
                              2. Behavioural
                                1. changing instinctive behaviour to thrive in certain environments
                              3. Human impacts
                                1. loss of habitat
                                  1. logging and land clearing for housing and agriculture
                                  2. pollution
                                    1. human activities producing wastes: chemicals pesticides
                                    2. Eutrophication
                                      1. River Pollution from excessive amounts of fertillisers and sewage --> encourages algae growth - chokes out the rivers
                                      2. Alien species
                                        1. brought in by humans unbalancing population numbers, bringing in disease and chocking out the native flora and fauna, taking over
                                      3. flow of energy and matter
                                        1. Biomass pyramid
                                          1. "Biomass" mass of organism living flesh.
                                            1. How much energy is passed onto the next trophic level (consumer) Energy that is lost cannot be replaced
                                            2. Food Web
                                              1. Interconnected food chain showing feeding relationships in an ecosystem
                                              2. Food chains
                                                1. - Arrows point in the flow of energy producer --> 1st order consumer (herbivore)--> 2nd order consumer (carnivore)
                                                2. Cycling of matter - flow of energy --> sun
                                                  1. - availability of water and oxygen - light intensity - temperature range - soil characteristics -exposure to wind
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