Social Learning Theory (SLT)


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Social Learning Theory (SLT)
  1. A01
    1. RORRIIV
      1. SLT belives all aggression is learned. States we observe and imitate role models. in case of aggression, we might immitate parents or even tv. We identify with them and see rewards with positive reinforcement then more likely to immitate. learn vicariously, so observing consequences of others. over time, practise new behaviours and self efficacy increases
        1. Role models, Observation, Reward, Reinforcement, Self efficacy, Immitate, Identify, Vicarious learning
        2. BOBO doll experiement
        3. A02
          1. Support...
            1. PHILLIPS- boxing matches. increased murder rates. immitate the aggression in boxing.
              1. DOMMINICK- positive correlations between time playing video games and aggressive behaviour
                1. DILL AND ANDERSON- 227 students, more videogames made them more aggressive
                2. However...
                  1. Doesnt take bio into consideration. Testosterone linked with aggression, so is dopamine.
                    1. Most research was conducted on children, cant generalise to adults.
                      1. memory distorts over time, may not be reliable asking how long spent on video games as a child.
                        1. BOBO DOLL- may lack validity, children may have been aware
                      2. A03
                        1. GENDER BIAS- only conducted on males. not reflective of female behaviour
                          1. SOCIALLY SENSITIVE- may not want to admit about behaviour
                            1. CULTURE- !kungsan trible- never show negative behaviour, suggest cultural differneces in development
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