Painting for the Public 1760-1850

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Painting for the Public 1760-1850
1 Academies
1.1 London 1768
1.1.2 contemp war themes success in war
1.2 Paris 1648
1.2.1 exhibitions paris - exhibitors members only london exhibitors entry fee public had access to art opinions high art commercialised? eye catching primacy of history genre Death of General Wolfe 1770 democratised sublime Copley's Watson & the Shark 1778 primacy of history genre classical themes NO modern & violent subjects sublime popular after 1800 decline of Academy influence Girodet The Deluge 1806 spectator a victim of history not a participant? Gericault The Raft 1773 progressive aspects - a way of attacking govt spectacle - high art/entertainment asserted the artists liberal values dominance of classical
1.2.2 classical themes Oath of the Horatii 1785 democratised spectator a participant decline in patriotism
1.3 drawing class
1.3.1 women excluded
2 exhibitions
2.1 Paris - priority to hierarchy of genres
2.1.1 BUT Marriage Contract - Greuze 1761 democraticised history genre challenged history genre - size/moralising very popular middle class could relate - (Habermas)
2.2 London - priority to full lengths portraits
2.2.1 no patronage
2.2.2 Wright's An Experiment Bird Air Pump 1768 challenged history genre domestic scene we can reflect/ moralise
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