Kindergarten Visual Arts

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kindergarten standards for visual arts and how they connect to blooms taxonomy

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Kindergarten Visual Arts
1 VAK AR.1 Discusses his or her own artwork and the artwork of others.
1.1 Analyze
1.1.1 A student will be able to tell others what was created and what was used to create Brief description of activity: Create a video going through the steps you took to create one of your artworks. Include materials and theme of the artwork.
1.2 Evaluate
1.2.1 A student will be able to tell what materials others used in his or her artwork and be able to tell what they think about it
1.3 Create
1.3.1 A student will be able to create their own artwork with guidelines and help when needed
2 VAK CU.1 Identifies artists and offers ideas about what art is and who artists are .
2.1 Remember
2.1.1 A student will recognize at least three artists and be able to offer at least one idea about what art is Brief description of activity: Create a podcast interviewing an artist that was discussed in class and address the following questions: How do you think that artist view the world? How do you think they view the fame they have today? Do you think they enjoy the actors that have portrayed them?
3 VAK MC.3 S elects and uses subject matter, symbols , and/or ideas to communicate meaning.
3.1 Understand
3.1.1 A student with some basic knowledge will be able to describe artworks from artist or classmates
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