The Other Side of the World

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The Other Side of the World
1 Visual culture of Polynesia
1.1 tattoos
1.1.2 bound up in spirit world a defence meaning not understood note Banks/Mutineers
1.2 tiki
1.2.1 curiosity - meanings not understood savage had no culture barbarism or skill? but abstract designs = positive
2 How Europeans were perceived
3 How Polynesia was represented by Europeans
3.1 Quest for knowledge
3.1.1 Cook's 3 voyages Buchan - Man with tattoos
3.2 Paradise on earth
3.3 Official visual accounts were 'classical'
3.3.1 Communicate an ideal Cipriani's A View of the Indians of T del F v Buchan's
3.3.2 Enlightenment humanity perfectible
3.4 Communicate an ideal
3.4.1 Hodge's landing paintings 1777 Forster's criticism View of Otaheite Bay 1776 Claudean - commercial - not barbaric View taken in Otaheite Peha 1776 arcadian bliss death in paradise
4 Aesthetic attitudes
4.1 Official accounts were 'classicised'
5 Other cultures e.g. S America
5.1 Noble savage
5.1.1 barbarian earliest form of human dev Scot Enlightenment ascent from nature
5.1.2 represents lost ideal Rousseau descent from nature
6 Cooks voyages
6.1 France v Britain
6.2 Sponsorship of Royal Society
6.2.1 Joseph Banks
7 re-reading
7.1 Harriet Guest
7.1.1 Euro/Pacific Otaheite Peha - 2 modes claudian atmospheric Italian ren = grand & open detailing e.g. tattoo on buttock North ren lack of cohesion = tension our civilisation & their barbarism
7.2 Tupaia drawings
7.2.1 perception they cannot draw
7.2.2 asserting equality with Europeans
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