dd208 surveillance master final 1

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dd208 surveillance master final 1
1 Not all about technology
1.1 Both a protection and a threat
1.2 Complex system of support and protection from harm and abuse
1.3 Has unintended and intended consequences
1.3.1 Entanglements between welfare, crime, & society - tensions and overlaps
2 Those who do the watching and those who are being watched
2.1 Tensions - being watched out for & protected And in being watched over, so that others may be proteced
2.1.1 People affected differently depending how they are/or percieve by surveillance
2.1.2 Targetted about how might, might not look
2.1.3 Some people are desensitized to it
2.1.4 Older people in shopping centre feel safer
2.2 Can be used to identify, exclude those who are seen as undesirable
2.2.1 Some feel invasion privacy
2.2.2 Risk of exclusion - treated with suspicion
3 Electronic footprint - Mobile Phone, ATM, Loyalty Card, Credit Card
3.1 Drift towards surveillance society
3.1.1 How its stored, Who has access, communicated multiple types of information Common mistake to thing surveillance all about technology It is a product of a producion process where something is conceived - funded, resourced, and based on a need or a demand Clearly part of a long social process
3.1.2 Dangers of sleep walking into a surviellance society Can prevent crime but can also target & stigmitize certain members of community
3.1.3 Most intensified applied at borders & boundaries
3.2 Marketing stratesgies developed with help widely available personal data
3.3 Increasing amounts info generated about us as we about daily life
4 Formal/Informat arrangements - looking out each other
4.1 Easy to forget cameras are there
4.2 To catch perpetrators of crime, prevent crime, look after vulnerable,transform public services - onstensible for the good
4.2.1 Equally argue can start interfere lives hones law abiding
4.2.2 Not lived in a time when state has misused info massively against popultion
4.2.3 Need to strike a balane Highlights tensoions between search between security and delivery of fairness to all
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