surveillance mindmap

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surveillance mindmap
1 white rose shopping centre
1.1 exclusion and segregation, e.g. young people, "zoo book"
1.2 Giving back to the community, e.g. helping youths (dance classes), early opening hours for elderly
2 Gated Communities
2.1 Social Inequality
2.1.1 reinforce existing social divisions feed into a sense of insecurity
2.2 South African Middle Class/Affluent People
2.2.1 fear of violence able to let children out to play husbands are able to work away without worrying
2.3 creates a sense of community
2.3.1 warm, familiarity
2.4 CCTV, Control Rooms
3 Safe Guarding Children
3.1 surveillance for children is seen as both protection & a threat
3.1.1 Vulnerable, in need of protection protected through a complex system of support & protection
3.1.2 inequality issues refugees & asylum seekers are afraid to ask for help
3.2 Children's services team
3.2.1 Universal services offer support to mother's with babies under 5 offers support to mothers, e.g. the baby cafe, breastfeeding group prevention is better than cure
3.2.2 a difference between what mum and professional thinks is best
4 migrants and borders
4.1 new surveillance technologies
4.1.1 tougher border controls the need to know who is in the country
4.1.2 legal/illegal immigrants subject to regular police reporting Mohammed is able to stay in Europe but cannot work or claim benefits, so has to volunteer and survive on tips. He stays in a hostel. prejudice surrounding particular population
4.2 workers registration scheme for foreign workers
4.2.1 Kris &friends have to do temp agency work so don't receive holiday pay
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