dd208 Social welfare and Crime control master1

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dd208 Social welfare and Crime control master1
1 SW can be seen as stigmatizing/punishing or as humanitarian
1.1 For and against each other
2 Where is the boundary? Is there a boundary?
2.1 Can be dealt with different institutions/agencies, communities
2.1.1 Enforcing policies and strategies
2.2 Can be contested and debated (conflict between the two
2.3 Relationship dymnamic - shifts and changes. Mobile & Porous not simpe
2.3.1 Interlinked - help & harm Addiction violence, domestic violence, anti-social behaviours. Abuse cases - Victim - Perpetrator. Crime / Welfare Entanglement Police, Probation, Social Services, Social Workers (Child Protection) All can be involved in the one case Surveillance & security integrate social welfare & crime control Complex scenarios - Can involve abuse, neglect of vulnerable
3 Crime Control- prevention, maintaining social order
3.1 Controlling crime
3.1.1 Stability, Security, Social Order Govt has power define whats welfare and whats crime control - power over those who fail to uphold the law and maintain social order
3.1.2 Crime control policies might raise concerns about social welfare
3.2 Govt and State create and implement laws
3.2.1 CJS seeks to deal those who threaten these things - social dissent
3.2.2 Policies put in place create, maintain, manage, social stablity
3.2.3 Enforcing law and order, law policies, strategies, social order
3.3 Enforcement law and order. Enforcing law policies and strategies
3.3.1 Crime control focused on: Social order, social stability, social security, social harm, security, safety, crime control Key people: Police, Probation, Prison service, Armed forces, Courts, Criminal Justice System, National Offender Management System (noms) Government & State (Power), Community Partnerships
4 Social well being, support
4.1 Punishment can withdraw benefits or criminalise
4.1.1 Social Welfare - focus on wellbeing, social support, welfare, social inclusion Better society, Norms good conduct - prescribed as normal Naturalising, normalising, Social Welfare stands for: Social justice, Equality, Inclusion, Wellbeing, Protection Key people/services/agencies = Social services, Health services, Education/Training, Housing, Social Welfare/Security Social Welfare stands against: Unfairness, Inequality, Discrimination, Social Harm, Poverty, Exclusion Dissent and protest part of process - struggle for justice
4.2 Govt reducing social welfare - seeing more anti-social behaviours (young, poor, underpriveledged groups individuals
4.3 Potentially dangerous populations crime control rather than welfare
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