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  1. Psychodynamic
    1. The psychodynamic theorist emphasise the interaction of biological drives with the social environment.
      1. Psychodynamics refer to the broad theoretical model for explaining mental functioning.
        1. Psychoanalytical therapy involves exploring the impact of early experiences on the mental functioning of a person.
          1. Freud
            1. Erik Erickson
            2. Biological
              1. Biological Theorists believe that people are genetically programmed as far as their personalities go, they also believe that everyone is born with their personality and there is nothing that they can do about it.
                1. Genetic differences can help explain why some people are predisposed to be sad and pessimistic while other people are put in the same situation however they are not.
                  1. Hans Eysnck (1967)
                  2. Humanist
                    1. Humanist theorist believe that this how that us a individuals come to understand our own self concept that is important, not our early experiences or our conditioning.
                      1. However we are free to control our own destiny, which is the issue of a free will versus determinism.
                        1. A primary motivational approach is the force that leads to growth and self-actualisation.
                          1. Abraham Maslow
                          2. Constructivist
                            1. They believe that children develop their knowledge by constructing their own understanding and adapting their own understanding and adapting it to the world around them.
                              1. Piaget
                                1. Vygotsky
                                2. Behavioural
                                  1. Behavioural Theorist believe that people develop their skills and abilities related to their learning experiences.
                                    1. For the behavioural theorists to think this they had to watch people and listen to what they said and done.
                                      1. Feelings, Thoughts and Emotions do not come into this because behaviourist only study what they can see.
                                      2. Pavlov
                                        1. Skinner
                                        2. Social Learning Theory
                                          1. Social learning theory is closely linked with behavioural approach.
                                            1. Theorist believe that behaviour is the result of continuous interaction between an individual and their environment.
                                              1. Albert Bandura
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