Functionalist perspective on education

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Functionalist perspective on education
1 Durkheim- solidarity&skills
1.1 the focuses of education are creating soliarity skills and teaching specialist skills
1.2 the education system helps to transmit beliefs and values from one generation to the next. It's individual members must feel part of a comunity so they dont persue their own selfish desires.
1.3 Specialist skills teached individuals knowledge needed to play their part in the division of labour
2 Parsons- Meritocracy
2.1 Sees school as focal socialising agency and a bridge between the family and wider society
2.2 Unlike the family, school and wider society judge us by the same impersonal standards e.g same exam, same pass mark (how education links to wider society)
2.3 Therefore pupils at school achieve grades based on individual strength and efforts, similarly to how at work we gain promotion, based on own efforts and ability.
2.4 Key words- equal opportunity and metocratic principles
3 David and Moore- Role allocation
3.1 Davis and Moore agree with Parsons that education is a device for selection and allocation, however, they focus on how education links to social inequality
3.2 Not everyone is equally talented so society has to offer higher rewards for more skilled jobs which creates competition so society can select the most talented
3.3 Education proves ground of ability and sifts and sorts according to talent.
3.4 A meritocratic education system enables each person to be suited to the job best suited to their abilities
4 Chubb and Moe- The new right and consumer choice
4.1 State education has failed to provide equal oppotunities for disadvantaged groups
4.2 State education fails to produce pupils with skills needed for the economy
4.3 Propose the voucher system which would, like private schools, increase school standards and competition, and responsive parents as they are paying with their voucher. Therefore like private businesses schools would be improving the product for money (pupils.)
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