Flash animation

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Flash animation
1 teenage boys.
1.1 action
1.1.1 bright to dark colours
1.2 aged 13 and over
2 claymation.
2.1 move it.
2.1.1 then you frame it.
3 the least frames you can do is 12 in a second
3.1 with bandwidth the least number of frames is up to 16 a second
3.1.1 the highest frames you can do is 60 in a second
4 you can change the colour and effects
4.1 any colour
5 music
5.1 bold text (stands out)
5.1.1 text smooth good quality
6 exiting
6.1 entertainable
6.1.1 fun to watch educatinal
7 we are going to use flash animation and to use it to entertain people for 13 and older
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