Why has travel and tourism grown so rapidly over the last 50 years?


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Why has travel and tourism grown so rapidly over the last 50 years?
  1. Income
    1. High income
      1. More money
        1. Likelihood of becoming a tourist
      2. People have more disposable income now
        1. Money for themselves
          1. Salary rises
            1. Price of essential goods such as food and clothing has fallen
            2. Many families have two income earners, rather than one
              1. They have fewer kids
                1. Often have a car
                  1. Makes it easier to become tourists
                  2. Greater variety of holidays to choose from
                    1. Afford All-inclusive package holidays
                  3. Leisure time
                    1. There's also a trend to take more than one holiday in a year
                      1. People have paid holidays from work
                        1. On average 3 weeks per year are paid
                        2. People who are retired remain active for longer
                          1. Holiday entitlement
                            1. All-inclusive package holidays
                            2. Technological changes
                              1. Motorways have linked places together
                                1. Quicker way of getting to destination
                                2. Wider range of ways to travel as a tourist - widely available
                                  1. Car
                                    1. Boat
                                      1. Airplane
                                        1. More accessible as you can book online and choose more budget options
                                          1. Reduced the time it takes to get to different countries
                                        2. Budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair have brought prices down and increased traffic volume
                                          1. Availability and type of holidays has increased
                                            1. Mass tourism and package holidays have opened up markets to huge numbers of people
                                          2. Expectations
                                            1. Watching television and browsing the internet
                                              1. Increases people's expectations
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