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1.6 System Security V2 Joshua Guerrero
  1. Malware
    1. Damage the computer or network
      1. Malware scanner
        1. Anti-Virus
          1. Malware scanner
    2. Viruses
      1. Attaches to a program or a file .This can affect all components of an operating system .
      2. Worms
        1. Replicates itslef and spreads to other computers
          1. Does not need to attach to a file
        2. Social Engineering
          1. This involves someone using data from a program.This does not revolve around technical cra
          2. Data Interperception
            1. When they interact with packets that are going to a certain place
              1. The Packets are encrypted
              2. Network policy
                1. AUP
                  1. aceptable use policy
                2. Brutle force attack
                  1. Trial and error
                    1. This is trying to access based entry system
                      1. An attack that attempts to decode passwords/encryption keys/encrypted data
                    2. DDOS
                      1. Overload a website with unwanted trafic
                        1. Uses a number of computers over a network .To bring the network offline
                      2. SQL
                        1. Where an attacker can execute can execute malicious SQL statements using software which controls a database management system
                          1. When exploits are found they need to be patched
                            1. They get customer data,intellectual property and sensitive information
                        2. Network forensic
                          1. A branch of digital forensics
                            1. Covers the forensic investigations of networks and their devices attached to them
                          2. Ciphertext
                            1. Normal :A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
                              1. Ciphertext:X Y Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W
                              2. Firewall
                                1. Advantages
                                  1. Controls network traffic/allows data from authorised
                                    1. Blocks data from unauthorised sources
                                      1. Protects against attackers
                                    2. Strong Passwords
                                      1. At least eight characters
                                        1. Include upper case
                                          1. Include lower case
                                            1. Include special characters
                                              1. Include numbers
                                                1. Does not include a name, company name or user name
                                                  1. Does not contain a complete word
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