Four Types of Knowledge

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Notes from Chapter 1 of The Manager's Good Study Guide.

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Four Types of Knowledge
1 Factual Knowledge
1.1 Description: The basic elements that people must know to be able to be acquainted with a field or domain of knowledge or to solve problems in it
1.2 Specific Knowledge Needed: Terminology, Specific Details and Elements
2 Conceptual
2.1 Description: The relationship between the basic elements within a larger structure so that the elements can function and be used together
2.2 Specific Knowledge Needed: Classifications and Categories; Principals and Generalisations; Theories, Models and Structures
3 Procedual
3.1 Description: How to do something: criteria for using skills and techniques; methods
3.2 Specific Knowledge Needed: Specific Skills, Techniques, and Methods; Criteria for Deciding when to use Appropriate Procedures
4 Metacognitive
4.1 Description: Knowledge of cognition in general as well as awareness and knowledge of one's own cognition
4.2 Specific Knowledge Needed: Strategic Knowledge; Knowledge about cognitive tasks, including appropriate contextual and conditional knowledge; Self-knowledge
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