Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 1


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Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 1
  1. Reader is introduced to Utterson and Enfield
    1. Chapter introduces Gabriel Utterson, a well-respected lawyer
      1. Who narrative the majority of the novella is in
        1. Utterson's a typical Victorian gentleman
          1. He's "embarrassed" in conversations and hides his emotions
            1. He's rational - as a lawyer he deals in facts and evidence
          2. Utterson and Enfield appear to have nothing in common, but they enjoy spending time together
            1. Two men go on Sunday walks together during which they say "nothing"
              1. Their silence creates suspense and a lack of information
                1. In Victorian society, discretion was preferred to gossip
                  1. It's Enfield's rule not to ask questions if something seems suspicious
                    1. He doesn't want to know about immoral behaviour
                    2. However Utterson is often "the last reputable acquaintance" of men who have ruined their reputation
                      1. Suggests that he's more tolerant of sins of others
              2. Sets the scene for the start of the mystery
                1. Utterson and Enfield walk down a prosperous street in London
                  1. Shown by the condition of the houses, which have "freshly painted shutters" and "well-polished brasses"
                    1. One building with "nothing but a door" contrasts with the other buildings
                      1. Stevenson uses negative adjectives such as "sinister" and "sordid" to make it stand out as unusual
                      2. Later in the chapter we're told that Mr Hyde has a key to the building and has been inside
                        1. Link is important as Hyde and the building are both sinister and disturbing
                    2. Enfield's story introduces Mr Hyde
                      1. Enfield tells Utterson that he saw Hyde trample a young girl
                        1. Enfield's language emphasises how evil Hyde is
                          1. He describes him as "like Satan"
                          2. Hyde "calmly" tramples over the little girl
                            1. Shows how easily he does violent things
                              1. When he produces a cheque signed by a man whose name Enfield won't mention - creates mystery
                          3. Enfield can't put his finger on why Hyde makes him feel so uncomfortable
                            1. He says "I never saw a man I so disliked, and yet I scarce know why" - hints at an unusual evil within Hyde
                            2. Reputation
                              1. Was important among upper and middle class Victorians
                                1. Utterson and Enfield promise not to discuss Hyde - whose cheque is signed by Henry Jekyll, in order to protect Jekyll's reputation
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