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MacBeth Theme: The Supernatural


GCSE English Mind Map on MacBeth Theme: The Supernatural, created by Bethany Grimsey on 03/27/2018.
Bethany Grimsey
Mind Map by Bethany Grimsey, updated more than 1 year ago
Bethany Grimsey
Created by Bethany Grimsey over 4 years ago

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MacBeth Theme: The Supernatural
  1. Act 1 Scene 1
    1. Witches
      1. Foreshadows Macbeth's downfall
        1. "Fair is fowl and fowl is fair"
          1. Set's Theme
        2. Sets tone/atmospher
          1. Evilness
        3. Act 1 Scene 3
          1. Witches Prophecies/Predictions
            1. Pivotal Scene
              1. Plants the seed in Macbeth
                1. To murder Duncan
              2. Evilness of the wiyches
                1. Question the witches power
                  1. Can then control or just manipulate
              3. Act 1 Scene 5
                1. Lady Macbeth calls to the evil spirits
                  1. "Unsex me here"
                    1. Deal with the supernatural
                      1. Gets what she desires, but pays a huge price
                2. Scotland being ill
                  1. Chaos
                    1. Unnatural
                      1. Witches has power to overrule Macbeth and Scotland
                  2. Act 2 Scene 1
                    1. The dagger (AMBIGUOUS)
                      1. Warning?
                        1. His guilt?
                        2. Macbeth sees it as a sign to commit the murder of King Duncan
                          1. Sent by the witches
                      2. Act 3 Scene 4
                        1. Banquo's ghost
                          1. GUILT?
                            1. Haunted by his acts
                          2. Act 4 Scene 1
                            1. Re- Visiting the witches
                              1. Setting a trap
                                1. Makes him feel secure
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