A452 controlled assessment practical investigation

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A452 controlled assessment practical investigation
1 App inventor
1.1 Must have 'reserve' and 'cancel' buttons
1.1.1 when cancel is clicked number of computer in the building is increased
2 45 marks
2.1 Phone emulator
2.1.1 must be transferable to someones phone
2.2 Make sure you explan all planning.
3 University map campus
3.1 Atleast 10 buildings.
3.1.1 Technical understanding
3.1.2 must have location of computers when clicked on
3.1.3 must store as many computers on one building as possible
4 Additional features.
4.1 Solutions for any problem
4.1.1 Evidence of plan Structures evidence must show planning and investigation research
4.2 shows other available computers in other buildings.
5 Originality
5.1 practical is done with skill and is done in a safe way
6 Third party
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