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1 a habitat is a place where there an animal can find, food, water , shelter and a place where they can reproduce
2 a large garden can provide a number of habitats .
2.1 a hedge provides food for worms and other animals that feed on dead leaves
2.2 it provides shelter for birds and hedgehogs.
2.3 the birds and hedghogs eat the animals that feed off the hedge.
2.4 other habitats could include a tree or pond or an area of bushes or flowes.
3 a places where amimals live is called a habitat.
4 most animals live where their prey lives.
5 how animals and plants have adapted to live in their habitats
5.1 the animals in any habitat have special features that enable them to live there.
5.1.1 a fish needs: fins so that it can move though the water. a tail so that it can cntrol its direction in water. gills for gas exchange.
5.1.2 a fox needs: strong legs so it can run fast and catch prey. canine teeth to tear flesh when it feeds. lungs for gas exchange.
5.2 plants.
5.2.1 woodland plants often develope ond flower in the spring. in summer when there is little light they are dormant.
5.2.2 pond plants grow the most in summer when their is the greatest amount of sun light. they are adapted tho absorb energy from the sun by floating on top of the water or having long stems so that their leaves are close tho the water
6 feeding.
6.1 food is important to all plants and animals because it provides energy.
6.1.1 but it also provides animals with the vitamins and minirals needed by different organs.
6.2 plants make their own food and animals dont.
6.2.1 plants use CO2 from the air and water from the soil th make food in the form of glucose.
6.2.2 plants ore producers because they provide food for animals. worms and slugs feed directly of plants material so are called primary consumers. secondary consumers feed off primary consumers. eg birds. tertiary consumers feed off secondary consumers.eg foxes. some animals called herbivores feed of plants. other animals called carnivores feed off other animals. animals such as humans that feed off plants and animals are called omnivores.
6.3 the feeding relationships in a habitat are shown by a food web.
6.3.1 this is made up of many food chains. the arrows on a food chain/ web shows the direction of energy flow.
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