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  1. MUSIC
    1. Sound effects made by actors
      1. For example; xylophone used when Marie first meets Drum-Major (showing happiness) and loud banging as Woyzeck gets closer to killing Marie
      2. Music should reflect the mood of the character/mood (pathetic fallacy)
        1. If audience do not get the plot, they will have an idea on the mood of the scene due to music and sound effects
          1. For example; during SCENE NINE (Captain and Doctor observe Woyzeck), increasingly tense music with hints of high pitched music playing
            1. The audience will know that Woyzeck is not enjoying this experience, but the Doctor is enthralled by what is happening as he has never seen it before (high pitched music)
          2. On stage so audience can see
            1. Audience are reminded they are watching a play - it's not real
          3. STAGE
            1. Minimalist with few props and distractions for the audience
              1. Due to the changes of location during various scenes, no elaborate scenery would be used
            2. NARRATORS
              1. Used to break up the action
                1. Allows audience to prepare for the next scene
                  1. For example; SCENE TWENTY ONE (Woyzeck has taken Marie to the woods to kill her),a narrator could introduce where they are and what may happen in the following scene - allowing the audience to prepare for the upcoming murder
                2. Reminds audience it is not really happening
                  1. For example; SCENE TWENTY FOUR (in the morgue with Marie and Woyzeck dead), a narrator could be used to break up certain lines. "A poor ending Woyzeck", narrator could interrupt to prevent the audience becoming too involved
                3. COSTUME
                  1. Changes would occur on stage so that the audience does not become too attached to certain characters
                    1. Minimalist
                      1. Small additions to characters so that you know who is who
                        1. Multi rolling would mean that it would be hard to give actors detailed costumes
                          1. For example; in SCENE THREE (Marie and Woyzeck are at the fair, Sergeant and Drum-Major enter), either the Drum-Major or the Sergeant could put on a top hat and jacket to become the Showman, then change quickly before saying their next line
                            1. Can give comedy effect as this would have to be done quickly
                          2. Distinguishes characters
                          3. PLACARDS
                            1. Used to control the audiences emotion by holding up signs to say how to react to a scene
                              1. Part of the Verfemdungeffekt
                                1. For example; in SCENE TWENTY THREE (Woyzeck is cleaning Marie's body), a placard saying CLAP or LAUGH could be held up so that the audience do not feel emotion towards Marie's death
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