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Rehearsal techniques to explore releationships

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  1. Butoh's Blooming and Withering - create a stance/gesture to reflect character traits/relationships for key moments; explore the changes throughout the play
    1. Cross-Cutting - cutting back and forth between scenes to explore motivations and the impact of actions on behaviour/decisions/outcomes
      1. Thought Tracking - reveal the character's inner thoughts/feelings; subtext and insights
        1. Hot Seating - answer Qs in role to develop insights
          1. Flashback - creating off text scenes to explore background/motivations
            1. Stanislavski's Pre-Life - actors understand the life of the character before the play begins
              1. Stanislavski's Given Circumstances - knowing the who, what, when, where, why and how of the scene to gain insight
                1. Stanislavski's Emotion Memory - recalling a personal memory and recreating the emotions and physiological responses in order to portray them in role
              2. Brecht's Say the Opposite - before speaking the line, actors say the opposite; character's behaviour is not pre-determined, they always make choices.
                1. Brecht's Paraphrase - putting lines in your own words helps the actor question the role and see a new perspective
                  1. Brecht's Role Swap - actors view their role from a differenct perspective to gain a better understanding of the relationships
                2. Sound Effects - Director plays various sound effects (drumming, eerie sounds); only Woyzeck responds
                  1. Status 'Follow the String' - one actor holds a piece of string and leads, another must follow the end of the string precisely, vary pace/difficulty to explore status/relationnships
                    1. Status 'Ladder Levels' - move higher/lower on the ladder to reflect status of lines
                      1. Status Cards - 1 = lowest / 5 = highest - actors improvise a scene (e.g. hairdressers) at secret levels, insights re voice, NVC
                        1. Status - Master and Servant - pairs take turns at setting tasks to control actions/behaviour, reflect on responses
                    2. Amoeba - whole cast must be connected and travel, like an amoeba, from one side of the rehearsal space to the other. They must stay connected. Repeat, this time, the Dr/Captain try to reject Woyzeck and push him out of the cell.
                      1. Split Scene - rehearse two scenes side by side to explore the impact of one character's actions on another
                        1. Tableaux - create a series of tableau to reflect relationships at key moments
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