Prepositions of Time

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Prepositions of Time
1 at
1.1 at noon
1.2 at midnight
1.3 at night
1.4 at three o'clock
2 on, by
2.1 on Monday
2.2 by tomorrow
3 in, during
3.1 used with parts of the day, months, years, and seasons
3.1.1 in 2014
3.1.2 during winter
4 before
4.1 expressing something that happened at an earlier time or event
4.1.1 before the weekend
5.1 references the beginning to the end of soemthing
5.1.1 I was in school from August to May
6 since
6.1 used to express point of time after a particular period or date has passed
6.1.1 I haven't eaten since noon
7 for
7.1 can be used to express how long or duration
7.1.1 I studied for two hours
8 beyond
8.1 can be used to express a point of time after a particular period or date has passed
8.1.1 I will not be available beyond May
9 until or till
9.1 expresses something happening and then ending at a particular time
9.1.1 he worked until he finished his assignment
10 after
10.1 expresses something happening later than a particular time or event
10.1.1 I will meet you after I am finished
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