Networks - LANs and WANs

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Networks - LANs and WANs
1 LAN - Local Area Network
1.1 covers a small geographical area located on a single site
1.2 All hardware for a LAN is owned by the organisation that uses it.
1.3 LANs are either wired with Ethernet cables or wireless, using WiFi.
1.4 Found in businesses, schools and universities.
1.5 Lots of homes have LAN to connect various devices such as PCs,tablets, smart TVs, printers
1.6 LANs make sharing files easier, network users can access the same files, work collaboratively on them and copy files between machines.
1.7 You can share the same hardware like printers on LAN
1.8 Internet connection can be shared between every device connected to a LAN
1.9 You can install and update software on all computers at once
1.10 You can communicate with LAN users cheaply and easily, e.g Instant Messaging.
1.11 User accounts can be stores centrally, users can log in from any device on the network.
2 WAN - Wide Area Network
2.1 Connects LANs that are in different geographical locations
2.1.1 E.g - A business with offices in three different countries would need a WAN for all their devices to connect together.
2.2 Unlike a WAN, organisations hire infrastructure (communication lines) from telecommunications companies, who own and manage the WAN. This is as a WAN is much more expensive to set up than a LAN.
2.3 WANs may be connected using fibre or copper telephone lines, satellite links or radio links.
2.4 The Internet is the biggest WAN
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