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New Kingdom Egypt Queens


HSC level HSC Ancient History (New Kingdom Egypt) Mind Map on New Kingdom Egypt Queens, created by Jasmine Hall on 09/21/2014.
Jasmine Hall
Mind Map by Jasmine Hall, updated more than 1 year ago
Jasmine Hall
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Resource summary

New Kingdom Egypt Queens
  1. Changing role and contribution of the queens
    1. Traditional role of the women was to provide a female equivalent for the male aspect of kingship
      1. Practical
        1. Religious
          1. Provide heirs for the throne
            1. Act as divine consort for the king
          2. Teteshiri
            1. Titles
              1. King’s Wife
                1. Great King’s Wife
                  1. King’s Mother
                  2. Roles
                    1. Wife of king Senakhtenre-Tao I
                      1. Mother of king Tao II
                      2. Historians' opinions
                        1. Founder of the 18th Dynasty of Pharaohs
                        2. Sources
                          1. Limestone Ahmose stela at Abydos set up by grandson Ahmose
                            1. Inscription tells that Ahmose decied to build more mortuary temples for his grandmother because
                              1. "he so greatly loved her beyond everything"
                          2. Mummy
                            1. Died when she was an old woman, had buck teeth which became a family trait
                            2. ACHIEVEMENTS
                            3. Ahmose Nofertari
                              1. Roles
                                1. Wife/sister of King Ahmose
                                  1. Played an important role in Ahmose's reign
                                  2. Titles
                                    1. King's daughter
                                      1. King's sister
                                      2. ACHIEVEMENTS
                                        1. Linked with Amenhotep I to a cult, notably in the artisans' settlement of Deir-el-Medina
                                        2. Sources
                                          1. Historian's opinions
                                            1. Mummy
                                            2. Tiye
                                              1. Ahhotep I
                                                1. Titles
                                                  1. Great King’s Wife
                                                    1. King’s Daughter
                                                      1. God’s Wife
                                                        1. King’s Sister
                                                        2. Roles
                                                          1. Queen Teteshiri's daughter
                                                            1. Sister/wife of Seqenenre Tao II
                                                              1. Mother of Ahmose I
                                                              2. Sources
                                                                1. Ahmose Stela
                                                                  1. Suggests she quelled a rebellion in Upper Egypt during war of the Hyksos
                                                                    1. "One who cares for Egypt...she has pacified Upper Egypt and expelled her rebels"
                                                                2. Historians' opinions
                                                                  1. Mummy
                                                                    1. Coffin & mummy found in 1858 & jewelry is at the Cairo Museum
                                                                      1. Ceremonial axe of Ahmose was also found with her treasures (bronze overlaid with precious stones
                                                                        1. Depicts Ahmose killing an enemy and he wears one of the earliest representations of the (khapresh) blue war crown
                                                                      2. ACHIEVEMENTS
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