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Mobile Phones
1 Core Functions
1.1 Make voice calls whilst mobile, hence the name mobile phone.
1.2 Text/SMS Messages
2 Modern/Added Functions
2.1 Video Calling e.g. facetime
2.2 Entertainment e.g online videos
2.3 GPS (global positioning system)
2.4 Media
2.5 Radio
2.6 Camera/Video Recorder
2.7 Online Comunication Methods
3 Entertainment
3.1 Media
3.1.1 From mobile phones, you can now download and listen to music directly from your phone. you can also plug it in to docking stations and speaker sets which allow you to listen to it without using the inbuilt speaker or headphones.
3.2 Camera Functions
3.2.1 Cameras on phones now are high quality and can be used for video calls, documention standard personal videos and photos and can be intigrated into apps on the phone such as 'snapchat' although im not entierly sure what it is.
3.3 Apps
3.3.1 Apps are now huge on modern smart phones. you can download apps from places like the 'app store' on apple products or 'google play' on android phones. they are the mobile equivelant of computer programs and can do many different things for different needs. for example, there is a huge market base for games and entertainment such as youtube where you can watch and upload videos using the app and not the internet. there are also productivity and health apps and apps for business.
4 Security
4.1 if the phone is left in a visible place, it is likley to be stoled by someone as they are quite expensive nowadays unless you get the rubish brick ones which are allright if your over 50. However, another security measure that most people have on their phones is a pin code or password to prevent people from getting into your phone if they dont know the lock code. you can also lock the sim card or record the unique IMEI number which can be used to lock the phone remotly if its stolen or lost. Restricting Bluetooth usage can be used to stop 'bluejacking' where people near by can send messages anonamously
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