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  1. alternative protein
    1. quorn
      1. tofu
        1. seeds and pluses
        2. health problem facing vegetarians
          1. limited protein in diet
            1. as reduced meat intake
            2. may not get right vitamins and minerals
            3. prices
              1. cost compared with meat
                1. quorn
                2. if limited finance will be able to become vegetarian
                3. reason of becoming vegetarian
                  1. don't like taste of meat
                    1. don't want animal dying for no reason
                      1. allergic
                        1. because parents are
                          1. better for them
                          2. you may have to seasonally change diet
                            1. if mainly eat veg then with season have to change
                              1. vegetables
                                1. you may base diet on vegetables
                                2. problems
                                  1. may have less energy
                                    1. may become pale
                                      1. limited b12
                                        1. may not like protein alternatives
                                          1. some packaged products contain unknown meat sources so unable to eat these
                                            1. buying ready meal have to check able to eat them
                                              1. may have low bone mineral density, limited level of omeaga 3 . Increased risk of colorectal cancer also have iron and zinc Deficiency
                                              2. ethnic group views
                                                1. Christianity
                                                  1. buddhisam
                                                    1. islam
                                                      1. hinduism
                                                      2. types
                                                        1. Semi-vegetarian:
                                                          1. Lacto ovo vegetarian:
                                                            1. Vegan
                                                              1. Lacto vegetarian
                                                                1. pesco vegetarian
                                                                  1. fruitarian
                                                                  2. benefits
                                                                    1. low saturated fat,and cholesterol
                                                                      1. high carbohydrate
                                                                        1. high fibre, magnesium, potassium, folate, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E
                                                                          1. low blood pressure
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