crow country chapters 1-4

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Crow country chapters 1-4 questions 1-7

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crow country chapters 1-4
  1. Q1
    1. Place: In the country town of Boort which is in Victoria
      1. Time: Unknown in winter around the time when phones were invented and also sometime near WW1
      2. Q2
        1. Main character: Sadie who is a 13 year old girl. Also who is very grumpy and miserbale about moving from the city to Boort and she is also a bit inlove with herself.
        2. Q3
          1. Minor Character: Ellie Sadie's mum is very enthusiastic and excited about moving to a new home and having a new job at the hospital. Ellie is very worry about Sadie not having any new friends yet and also worrying about how hard this fresh start might be for her.
          2. Q4
            1. The connection/relationship between Ellie and David: They used to go out and spend a lot of time with eachother. That was before either of them had met other people and had children. If they hadn't of met eachother Sadie wouldn't have met Walter
            2. Q5
              1. Significant event: At the local footy where Ellie had become friends with amanda and Craig Mortlock. This was significant because by reading on in the book i could see that Craig and Amanda's son Lachie was going to be a main part in the story.
              2. Q6
                1. My thoughts on the novel: Just basing on the chapters i have read i think Sadie controls the story she just doesn't know it yet. I think they crows can understand her and she can understand them the rest of the story will be very mysterious and have a lot of meaning behind it but at the same time it can be confusing.
                2. Q7
                  1. Something that relates to real life: The local footy reminds me of the AFL with all the supporting great goals being kicked awesome marks and the cheering and yelling. Showing there support for their own team.
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