Dementia Quality Living: Leadership Exchange

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Dementia Quality Living: Leadership Exchange
  1. Program Description? (See attachment)
    1. Program name?
      1. Grant Amount Request?
        1. $150,000
        2. # Direct Beneficiaries
          1. 500?
          2. #Indirect Beneficiaries
            1. 1000?
            2. Need or problem that you are seeking to address through the program*
              1. Gap in leadership in aging services when the number of people classified as elderly, especially those living with Alzheimer's and dementia, is quickly rising.
              2. Overall program goal and its specific objectives.
                1. Goal: Develop a leadership and gerontological education exchange program for Mexican American's.
                  1. Program Objectives:
                    1. 1. Immerse participants in the current culture of Mexico in Mexico City.
                      1. 2. Engage persons in leadership training focusing on action learning and personal leadership.
                        1. 3. Educate persons in the foundations and non-medical approaches of Alzheimer's and dementia.
                          1. 4. Expand a participant's possibilities to work in Mexico within aging services.
                            1. 5. Educate participants in an intercultural approach to innovative dementia care.
                  2. Measurable impact that the program intends to have
                    1. Short-Term
                      1. 1. Increase education opportunities for Mexican Americans in the field of gerontology.
                        1. 2. Increase bi-national awareness of aging services in Mexico and the United States.
                      2. Long-Term
                        1. 1. Increase the number of people interested in working with older adults in Mexico.
                          1. 2. Increase the quality of dementia care in Mexico.
                            1. 3. Strengthen the relationship between Mexico and the United States from aging service needs and practices.
                      3. Organization's Relationships Please describe your organization’s relationships, both formal and informal, with other organizations working to meet the same needs or providing similar services.
                        1. NADSA
                          1. Explain how do you differ and/or complement from these other organizations.
                            1. Same
                              1. Different
                              2. LeadingAge
                                1. LeadingAge Leadership Academy
                                  1. Merida
                                    1. Institute 50+
                                      1. Vive+
                                        1. Program Team/Collaboration* Please provide the names and contact information of other organizations and partners for your program. Identify the role each will play.
                                            1. Organizational Background* Provide a short paragraph that succinctly describes the organization´s (1) history, (2) goals, and (3) key accomplishments.
                                              1. Specific cities, towns and communities* Please list the specific cities, towns and /or communities were the program operates
                                                1. Mexico City
                                                  1. Miami, FL
                                                    1. Caifornia
                                                2. STATISTICS FOR PROGRAM DESCRIPTION
                                                  1. ELDERS IN USA
                                                    1. OF THESE ELDERS, HOW MANY LIVE WITH DEMENTIA?
                                                    2. ELDERS IN MEXICO
                                                      1. OF THESE ELDERS, HOW MANY LIVE WITH DEMENTIA?
                                                      2. HOW MANY adult day centers in USA/MEXICO?
                                                        1. HOW MANY PEOPLE DO THEY SERVE?
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