Graph Theory


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Luke Byrne
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Luke Byrne
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Graph Theory
  1. Terminology
    1. Undirected Graph
      1. Vertices (V)
        1. Trivial: 1V & 0E
        2. Edges (E)
          1. Incidence
            1. Vertex, v, is called incident to the edge, e, if e = vv' (v' for another vertex)
        3. Isomorphisms of Graphs
          1. Subgraphs
            1. Vertex Degrees
              1. Walks, Trails and Paths
                1. Walks
                  1. Trails
                    1. Eulerian
                    2. Paths
                      1. Hamiltonian
                      2. Circuits
                        1. Eulerian
                          1. Hamiltonian
                            1. Forests and Trees
                          2. Graph Components
                            1. Graph Types
                              1. Complete Graphs
                                1. Bipartite Graphs
                                  1. Connected Graphs
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