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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
K d
To Kill A Mockingbird GCSE English
A Level: English language and literature technique = Dramatic terms
Jessica 'JessieB
Creative Writing
Unit 2 flashcards
New English Literature GCSE
Sarah Egan
Using GoConqr to teach English literature
Sarah Egan
Using GoConqr to study English literature
Sarah Egan
English Language Techniques
A Level: English language and literature techniques = Structure
Jessica 'JessieB
1 getting through to the reader
2 persuading the reader
3 try to convince them to buy
4 contains facts and information
5 includes key points- sub heading/ repition/ memorable phrases/emotional text
6 speaking directly to the reader
7 using clear links (e.g ' save an animal for £3'
8 disliking/liking a character
9 rhtorical questions
10 PQC
10.1 make a point about the text
10.1.1 Use a quotation from the text make a comment on it overall
11 explicit- open/clear/obvious setting
11.1 inplicit- close not obvious setting
12 Simile- He runs AS fast as the wind
13 Metaphor- He is LIKE the wind
14 personification- make it sound like a person (e.g the cat NIBBLED at John's jumper)
15 Alliteration- repeat words with the same letter (e.g Doodling Ducks Do Dazzling Dancing)
16 Sibilance- repition of the 'S' sound (e.g SILLY SAUSAGES SING)
17 Onomatopoeia- a word that sound like it is (e.g POP)

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