Wilfred Owen

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Wilfred Owen
1 Poetry
1.1 Greatly influenced by the Romantic Poets, particulary Keats and Shelley
1.1.1 Siegfried Sassoon also had a profound influence on Owen's Work
1.1.2 Georgian poets also influenced him
1.2 His use of pararhyme, with its heavy relience on consonance, was innovative
1.3 "There is only one war, of that of men against men
1.3.1 "All a poet can do is warn. That is why the true poets must be truthful.
1.4 Writes about the horrors of trench warfare.
1.4.1 Wanted to expose this horror to England, and the willingness of the old to sacrifice the young
2 Life
2.1 Came from religious background; particulary his mother with whom he was very close
2.1.1 Mother wanted him to become a priest and Owen went on 'experience' to a church but hated it. Possibly became disillusioned with religion during the war as evidenced in his poetry
2.2 Born 18/03/1893 in Shropshire
2.2.1 Signed up in 1915, volunteered not conscripted. Died 04/11/1918 at the Sambre canal in France Described the war as "suffering the 7th hell" in a letter to his mother Descibed his fellow troops as "emotionless lumps"
2.3 Mother came from wealthy background but father lost money and family was not well off
3 Craiglockhart
3.1 Suffered shell shock and moved to Craiglockhart, a psychiatric hospital, in 1917.
3.1.1 There he met Sassoon, and they formed a very close relationship Owen had a hero-like admiration for Sassoon Possibly homosexual relationship Graves and Sitwell, who knew Owen personally, have said he was gay.
3.2 Wrote much of his poetry here

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