Poulenc - Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone

Alec Hewstone
Mind Map by , created over 6 years ago

Instrumental Music Mind Map on Poulenc - Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone, created by Alec Hewstone on 06/18/2013.

Alec Hewstone
Created by Alec Hewstone over 6 years ago
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Poulenc - Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone
1 Rhythm and Meter
1.1 Tune often begins on the anacrusis
1.2 Rhythm sometimes broken by rests
1.3 Time signatures change frequently
1.4 Speed changes frequently to differentiate sections
2 Structure
2.1 Ternary form
2.2 Section A: G major
2.3 Section B: Eb
2.4 Section A: returns to tonic G
3 Tonality
3.1 Frequent dischords which reduce strength of key
3.2 Frequent chromatic noted reduce sense of key
3.3 Modulation to odd keys instead of closely related ones
3.4 Beginning is G major
4 Harmony
4.1 Because of no chordal instruments harmony is relatively bare
4.2 Last bar is all in octaves with no chordal notes at all
4.3 Most perfect cadences are transformed by dischord
5 Texture
5.1 Melody dominated homophony at the beginning
5.2 Some monophony when the tune is shared between instruments
5.3 In the last bar all instruments move together in octaves, in homorhythm
6 Instrumentation
6.1 Written for horn, trumpet and trombone
6.2 Sounds like some 18th century music but composers in those days would not have used this instrument combination
6.3 Modern trumpet allowed chromatic notes
6.4 Virtuosic trumpet in bar 39
7 Melody
7.1 Melodies are simple diatonic tunes
7.2 Often the tune outlines the chord
7.3 Leaps of two octaves in the trumpet - bar 36
7.4 Conjunct - bar 4
7.5 Bar 39 trumpet chromatic notes
7.6 Occasional grace notes

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